WorkshopsSummer 2018


     Porto - Vecchio.FR.Objectif Danse

    October 3.4.5

    Amsterdam HJS fall intensive

    October 24/27


    April Mai 2018

    Zand and Veen III -new


    Performances in the Hague NL  will be:


    April 20-21-22 

    De Nieuwe Regentes Theatre  tickets + Infos 


    Mai 17

    Dakota Theatre


   Mai 18

    National Theatre -Spui 

    In collaboration with Regisseur Hans van den Boom and 13 performers. creation.produced by DNR



       ESMD Lille FR


        Mai 15  2018

        creation /part of  the evening "Air de Rien " 

        Colisée  Theatre de Roubaix

      ASC Annecy.FR

      May 18 

     performance in Quai des Arts Rumilly.creation


National Theater Oslo

 January / February / March 2017

-Lille-Grand Sud Theatre-FR

March 16 

ESMD Ballet du Nord.

Performance [Air de rien]


March 2/3-16/17.

ESMD  Ballet du Nord


-Dansateliers Rotterdam. February 13-17

 Open Ballet class @ 10:30 

-AED Livourne Italy .January 22/26 Private

-CNSDR-Lyon France. February 21/22.Private

November /December 2017


   -December 17 PODIUM CHr.Markt 

     NC Sketches - The Hague


      NC Sketches -The Hague


    The Nutcracker Suite " by Duke Elligton.

     A project in collaboration with

     KC Den Haag - Set design KABK 

  - December 1 .20:00

  - November 30 .20:00 

     Kees van Baarenzaal.


May/September 2017


Zand & Veen II  in The Hague

 -September 1 in de Nieuwe Regentes

 -June 7- National Theater [ a.h. Spui]

 -June 22 DAKOTA theatre

 -May 26-27-28 in de Nieuwe Regentes 


 Creation  of choreographies / collaboration  with Hans van Den  Boom [regie/texts]

 Production De Nieuwe Regentes Theatre.

September /October 2017


 -Collaboration with the Art  School Center in    Annecy,FR

 -Dansateliers Rotterdam - NL -September 4/8

 -ESMD Ballet du Nord - FR -September 11/13

Festival Het Circus The Hague : Ecdysis
Park de Verademing
September 11
creation with 2 dancers.Lorenzo Capodieci /Astrid Boons  Sound design :Miguelangel Clerc.

De Nieuwe Regentes TheaterZand & Veen

April 20/21

creation  ,project with a mix of amateurs and pros, performers.

July 2 in Dakota theatre

Perspective Blue
The Hague-June 5.
creation for 6 dancers,2 musicians
July/August  2017 workshops:
- Objectif Danse -Porto Vecchio - August 25/27
-Ateneo della Danza Sienna -July 12-13
-HJS Amsterdam   July 17/21-24/28
-Lonneke van Leth -Cie.The Hague. August.Private


Cadance Festival :Mermannia

Creation  part of the evening  4/4. 

The Hague Meermanno museum

January  31

February 1,5,6,7,8,13,14,15

creation for 3 dancers.

Sound design Miguelangel Clerc.


Volkskrant review ****

Performance  for the ICP conference

 The Hague,Charley& Israël

September 2015

with  students/ artists from the Royal Conservatory


Korzo Theatre.Voorjaarsontswaken 

 Intervention with one costume-object 

Je ne suis pas un poisson rouge

The Hague -May 1-2-3-8-9   


Unterwelt   Performing installation

ouverture of Jiri Kylians evening "Zugvogel"-

Bayerisches Staatsballett München.

February -March 2013

10Giants Theatre 

Performing installation.

De Nieuwe Regentess Theater-

The Hague-December 21-2013 


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