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OPEN SPACE . summer project 

Below.Creation , parcours in the Regentes Theatre. 2022

 Direction/Choreography Mise-en-scene & costumes.


 Babel. Creation.Royal Conservatorium The Hague                            Promenade . Creation in collaboration with KC & KABK    2020. Käs van Barenzaal.                                                                             and Aike Dirkzwager for the making of a movie, to celebrate                                                                                                                                              60 years of  The Hague School of Young Talents

SHOW OFF .  2021

We are MonumentsCreation 2020.

With Christie Lou Partelow,Lorenzo Capodieci & David Krügel. 

Undergardens Oslo. Norwegian National Ballet

Choreography/mise en scene/costume-set.

Collaboration with Yvan Dubreuil

Ouverture to Worlds Beyond by Jiri Kylian.

The audience does not enter the auditorium in a traditional way, but it is led through a secret passage behind and under the stage on a route with installations, in which dancers and musicians are engaged. After arriving on stage, the public is proceeding over the orchestra pit to their seats. Only then, the actual dance performance starts.


Creation. Bayerisches Staatsballet - Munich .

Choreography/mise en scene/costume-set.

Collaboration with Yvan Dubreuil and compositor Dirk Haubrich.2009-2013

Ouverture to "Zügvogel ", a work by Jiri Kylian.

Orfeo & Eurydice .Opera . Natinal Theatre Prague

Pinocchio. Lucent Danstheatre.

Betovering Festival.The Hague.Harlem.Rotterdam

Collaboration with Elise van Der Linden.

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