September / December 2019


"The Mouse"-solo -

Lorenzo  Capodieci- M: Duke Ellington

December 14-Regentesseplein


KLM 100 YEARS ANNIVERSARY  # Plugged Live Shows

New Duo Christie Partelow & Quentin Roger.

M: Tchaikowsky- Armin van Buuren , Live

October 4 -12. Schipol International Airport 

Summer intensive @ HJS AMSTERDAM is online !

March April May 2019

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Christie Partelow in Duo for KLM anniversary.

Costume Jeroen Zellenrath

Opening season in De Nieuwe Regentes :

Short version of Zand and Veen 4,re-worked

September 6-

March/July  2019


Summer Intensive @ HJS Amsterdam in July !


  ZAND & VEEN 4   (creation)


    National Theatre -Spui: May 23

     Dakota: May 22

    De Nieuwe Regentes:April  20-21-22 


     Lecce Italy NUEVA ERA dance contest

    27-28 April

     Dansateliers Rotterdam

    March 4-8. Morning Ballet class


January February 2019


     ZAND & VEEN 4: the process started in Regentess                       Theatre in The Hague with 10 performers.

    Performances will be in April and Mai 2019 


    Weekend at ESMD Lille FR with students from Esmd Lille          and Philadelphia University of the Arts.

   January 11-12

October November 2018 


    Residence in Chili.November                      Amazonas  Network 

    Santiago.Chiloe Islands

    FITCHI  International Festival for Itinerant  Theater  



Claartje in DNR

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