Karine Guizzo . Acts of Dance

OPEN SPACE -August 21-25

The Hague & Rotterdam/8 performances 

Thanks to Fonds Podiumkunsten/Ballkonscenes

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House of the Book The Hague
House of the Book The Hague

Royal Danish Theatre
Royal Danish Theatre



Performances in Royal Conservatory-June 2021

A short composition based on improvisation with  14 dancers/students.

June 18- 20.00 Kees van Baarenzaal
June 19- 19.00 -Kees van Baarenzaal
June  20-15.00 and 19.00. Kees van Baarenzaal

Stichting Cie. Melchior


"We are Monuments 

Creation August September 2020

 September 11/12/13  2020 The Hague-

8 shows (30 minutes), with Christie Lou Partelow, Lorenzo Capodieci & David Krügel

Thanks to the Dutch Cultuurfonds

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Amazonia by Gompa Project and Karine Guizzo



September December 2019

100 years celebration of the building of The  Nieuw Regentes Theatre are canceled (Stage and Underground Scenes)

The plan was to postpone from spring 2020 to spring 2021, but due to the closure of theatres, it will not be possible.

 The creation of a solo with the dancer Yuka Eda for a  performance project with dance & kinetic lighting design installations -March 2020 -in Seoul/ Korea, was interrupted due to the Covid-19 crisis. It has been postponed to March 2021, but canceled.


 -Zand & Veen 4: the process started in        Regentess Theatre in The Hague with 10  performers.

Performances will be in April and Mai 2019 

- Workshop: January 11-12
Weekend at ESMD Lille FR with students from Esmd Lille and Philadelphia University of the Arts.


March April May 2019




Zand & Veen 4    (creation) 

-National Theatre -Spui: May 23

-Dakota: May 22

-De Nieuwe Regentes: April  20-21-22            --Lecce Italy NUEVA ERA dance contest

        27-28 April

-Dansateliers Rotterdam

 March 4-8. Morning Ballet class


September/December 2019




-Winterlicht Festival The Hague

 The Mouse-solo -

Lorenzo  Capodieci- M: Duke Ellington

December 14-Regentesseplein


-KLM 100 Years Anniversary # Plugged Live Shows

New Duo Christie Partelow & Quentin Roger.

M: Tchaikowsky - Armin van Buuren, Live

October 4 -12. Schiphol International Airport.

    FITCHI  International Festival for Itinerant Theatre.Chiloe Islands. Chili

           Amazonas  Network            

October November 2018 



Claartje in DNR