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January : 3-6 

ESMD Roubaix. FR  

January: 16-20 

Nagelhus Schia Productions  .Contemporary Dance Company.Oslo

Winter Dance Convention Molfetta 

italy 20.jpg

Castro Chiloe islands.Chili.November 2018

  *Amazonas Network


Karine was awarded the National French state Diploma to teach contemporary dance, and she enjoys as well giving improvisation/composition  courses, workshops to professionals, students, non-professionals, children, actors, musicians.

These workshops bring together people to experience collective and personal situations: How do we create, compose, making use of imagination and also limitations? We focus on the concepts of time/ space  and we try to experiment other ways of dancing than through the "production of movements".

The unknown is not only on the outside. Finding the unknown in yourself, in your own body, connecting to less conscious knowledge. We welcome here the unexpected and do it with groove and enthusiasm. 

For professional students, Karine sometime teaches improvisation ,classical dance, or some excerpts of the repertory of Jiří Kylián through workshops, like at HJS Amsterdam during the "Summer Intensive " course.

Codarts University of The Arts Rotterdam, HJS Amsterdam, The Hague Royal Conservatory ,Dansateliers Rotterdam,

ESMD in Roubaix, Conservatory in Lyon, The Art School Center in Annecy, Objectif Danse Porto- Vecchio FR, Dance Aera Geneva

AED Livorno IT,  Nuova Era studios Lecce ,Winter Dance Convention Molfetta .

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