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Imperial Palace Gardens Annecy FR.
After Apricots
Performance with one dancer.


Maritime Museum Amsterdam
Performance with 6 free-lance dancers 

Suikerfabriek Amsterdam
Playground. creation.
Performance with 6 free-lance dancers


Amare  The HagueThe Rope. KC.Creation with HBO dancers. Performances 20-21-22/12/23


Amare. Switch .KC creation with HBO dancers.Performance  09/11/23


OPEN SPACE  has been performed, in past summers, on 14 occasions on outside locations in The Hague and Rotterdam.

The city spaces become theatrical landscapes. The performances evolve and are recreated in each new space we encounter. There are 3 performers, different scenes. The duration of each performance is dependent upon the chosen space and the new form it takes.



OPEN SPACE (summer project)

Ellie & Lo 

The duet Ellie & Lo was created in October 2022 and performed a few times in Regentes Theatre & The Grey Space in the Middle in  The Hague. 





Inspired by Arthur Rimbaud’s phrase “Je est un autre” (I is another),

choreographer Karine Guizzo creates a theatrical landscape inhabited by dancer Lorenzo Capodieci and sound artist Xavier van Wersch. The two performers play with identity, reality, and fiction, using experimental musical instruments and various objects that each carry their own history.

Geïnspireerd door de zin “Je est en autre” (Ik is een ander) van Arthur Rimbaud creëert choreografe Karine Guizzo een theatraal landschap, bewoond door danser Lorenzo Capodieci en geluidskunstenaar Xavier van Wersch. De twee artiesten spelen met identiteit, realiteit en fictie en maken daarbij gebruik van experimentele muziekinstrumenten en diverse objecten die ieder hun eigen geschiedenis hebben.

 The project is supported by the  Performing Arts Fund NL, the Municipality of The Hague, and Theater De Nieuwe Regentes.


 Creation December 7/9 -2021.5 performances in De Nieuwe Regentes Theatre.The Hague.

Hybrid Talks duration is 50 minutes. The audience sits on chairs or a small tribune placed on the stage/performance ground, for a close dive into the show.

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